A South Korea Resident Was Robbed

A South Korea Resident Was Robbed


A South Korea resident, Kim Seong Cheol (42) was robbed in his house at Jalan Dharmawangsa, Nusa Dua, Bali.

“Based on his statement, at that time he just arrived at front of his house, which is also his office. When he was about to go out from his car, the robber Alexander Sakan tried to rob the car,” the Chief of Kuta Selatan Police station, Kompol I Wayan Nuriata said.

The robber, who is from kuanfatu, Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur, wanted to rob the car branded Suzuki APV DK-1828-FL that was parked in front of the victim’s restaurant Shushi Naruto, which is also the house around 00.30 Wita.

From the witnesses and victim’ statement, at that night the victim tried to fight against the robber, which made the victim was wounded on his arm.

The victim toppled to the ground because of that attack and then the robber took away the car.

Meanwhile, Firdausi who witnessed the incident then chased the robber by using motorcycle until Tanjung Benoa, Badung Regency.

The robber had crashed the car to the office of diving center at Tanjung Benoa and ran away toward beach and tried to sail by using speedboat parked on shore.

However, his attempt was failed because the speedboat machine could not be turned on so that he was caught and beaten by the people around.

Then, he was taken to the Sanglah general hospital to get treatment, on the other hand the victim had been taken to Surya Husada hospital and he had got permission to go home.

“The victim had got medication at the hospital, whereas the robber is still unconscious and need treatment,” Wayan Nuriata said.

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