A Villa Occupied by Canadian Tourist is Robbed

A Villa Occupied by Canadian Tourist is Robbed


A villa at Jalan Tegal Cupek I, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, occupied by a Canadian tourist named Peter was robbed.

Temporary allegation is that he forgot to lock his room and only lock the front door.

“It’s a robbery at empty house because the occupant was not there,” said Badung Police Chief, AKBP Komang Suartana.

“It’s true that there are things missing but we still investigate this case,” he added.

From the temporary result of the investigation, the robbers are more than one person and taken valuable things such as computer and iPhone. The police are inspecting some witnesses.

In the last few months, various theft and violence happened to foreign tourists who are spending their vacation in Bali.

In addition, there are two cases of Australian tourist death, which is still a mystery.

There are two robberies with violence cases recorded that happened to Australian tourist, moreover one of them had lewd treat from the robbers.

Until now the Police are trying to disclose the crime that could destroy tourism image in Bali.

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