Agricultural Festival Increases the Number of Tourists’ Visit

Agricultural Festival Increases the Number of Tourists’ Visit


Agriculture Cultural Festival held annually at Bridge of Tukad Bangkung, Badung regency, Bali,last week was able to increase the number of foreign tourist arrivals in the region.

“From year to year, both domestic and foreign travelers who were present at the festival continued to increase and could enliven the event,” said Head of the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Forestry Badung regency, I Gusti Ketut Agung Sudaratmaja in Mangupura on Monday.

Since the opening of the Festival, a number of tourists had come and participated in a variety of traditional games which is only held in the northern tip of Badung regency.

Agung Sudaratmaja cited that a number of tourists were excited to participate in the race catching duck, pig catching, “metekap” (plowing), and a number of other artistic activities.

Even the number of visitors that have contributed and participated in the exhibition took part in the transaction of the annual festival.

However, the number of tourists who attended the Agricultural Culture Festival 2014 cannot be specified.

Agricultural Culture Festival 2014 recorded transactions reaching around Rp 3.8 billion.

The amount of the transaction is lower than the previous year which reached 6 billion which is dominated by local coffee commodity.

Although transaction in 2014 decreased, demand for agricultural commodities in North Badung continues to increase.

He explained that such transactions are dominated by vegetables, fruits, organic rice, and a number of agricultural commodities.

Agricultural festival that was held in the highest bridge in Asia, presented a wide range of agricultural and plantation commodities quality so that the visitors and buyers can conduct transactions at the exhibition site.

In addition, the festival was also used as a platform for all tourism destinations of the richest regency in the Bali

The festival is held along the bridge of Tukad Bangkung in Plaga Village, Petang, Badung Regency, which is the main road that connects three districts namely Badung, Bangli, and Buleleng.

It had become the longest bridge in Bali and claimed to be the highest in Asia with a length of 360 meters, width of 9.6 meters, with the highest reaches 71.14 meters, and the foundation pillars 41 meters below ground level.

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