All Concerned on Criminal Toward Tourists

All Concerned on Criminal Toward Tourists

The area of Island of Gods again is distracted by criminals happened to an Australian tourist.

The robbery has made the tourist, Paul Gill, got a puncture wound and has to get treatment on a hospital after trying to defend himself at a luxurious villa located at Berawa Street, Bisma Alley, Canggu Village, North Kuta, Badung Regency.

The event has made some people concerned because it could cross out the reputation of Bali which is known as an international tourist destination.

One way has been carried out by Bali Governor Made MangkuPastika. He had encouraged the police immediately to take action so that similar events would not be repeated.

“Those villas also should be registered and its list should be given to police so that it could be monitored. By doing that, I expect that people who want to do criminal can’t do his action,” he stated.

He also added that the villa listmust be completed with its address and map.

The Governor also asked police to arrest and uncover the criminal cases immediately.

Until now, police is still investigating the case and they admitted that they already have the suspects’ face sketch.

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