American’s Drug Trial Interrupted by Lawyers’ Dispute

American’s Drug Trial Interrupted by Lawyers’ Dispute


The trial of an American man accused of drugs possession was put on hold after two lawyers tussled over who was representing him at Denpasar District Court.

Henry Scobee, 55, is on trial following his arrest at a homestay on Jl Legian in Kuta on May 3 for alleged possession of 0.27 grams of marijuana.

During a hearing last Thursday, two lawyers, M. Husein and Putu Maya Arsanti, both claimed to the judging panel that they were Scobee’s legal representatives.

Husein represented the American during a preliminary hearing on August 2, but Arsanti claimed on Thursday that she had subsequently been appointed as a replacement lawyer.

Husein then claimed that Scobee – who told the court he was a drug addict – had mental-health problems leading to forgetfulness, and added that he had been reappointed as representative after Arsanti.

Presiding judge Anak Agung Ketut Anom Wirakanta adjourned the trial and ordered both lawyers and defendant to seek a solution to the dispute so that proceedings could go ahead.

“We ask you to please find a middle way. We give the defendant time to appoint a lawyer and ensure which lawyer will represent him,” he said.

Scobee, who told the authorities he was a retired construction worker, faces up to 12 years in jail under Article 111 of Indonesian counter-narcotics laws if found guilty.


  1. flaco comir says:

    Ferfoookseke! The Java Cat who sold the marijuana work for the Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia Polri!

  2. Kaye says:

    It is so typical of Indonesian Lawyers, always chasing dollars, “Ambulance Chasers” !!!

  3. bob lafleur says:

    possession of 0.27 grams of marijuana.
    What a case!!!
    Shame on this system…

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