Anand Krishna Refused MA Cassation

Anand Krishna Refused MA Cassation


The spiritual figure,  Anand Krishna disputed the accusation of The Attorney General that he ran away due to immoral action as what stated in the Supreme Court (MA) cassation.

“I never run away as what was accused by The Attorney General Office in Jakarta. Since the incorrect cassation of the Supreme Court was issued, I have been and stayed in Bali. I am not going anywhere,” Anand Krishna said.

He said that all officials have known his presence in Bali including the Attorney General since he had sent a letter to them.

“This is ridiculous that the staffs of Attorney general office don’t know about my presence these days. I have been in Bali since two years ago, I stay in Bali, even at the ashram (center) in Ubud,” he emphasized.

The mass media broadcast in Jakarta that mentioned Anand as fugitive was regarded as public fraud and it distorted fact.

“I firmly refuse that defective legal decision. And I will oppose the execution toward myself, although I have to sacrifice myself. I will do it not because I don’t respect the law. But actually I highly respect the law because the decision is a result of breaking the law,” he said.

While in Bali, he wrote book and joined social activities that were attended by regional officials and public figures.

“It is also proven by the signing of inscription displayed at Anand Krishna Ashram by Indonesian offial and officials of other country such as India,” he said.

With this fact, he added, how come he is considered to be a figutive by the Attorney General Office.

“This action is obviously breaking the law and once more I said that the accusation of Attorney General Office as what was published by the mass media is a public fraud,” he said.

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