Asita Bali Establish a Medium for Tourism Promotion

Asita Bali Establish a Medium for Tourism Promotion


Association of The Indonesia Tours and Travel (Asita) Bali plans to establish a medium for tourism promotion that has more focus and bigger through the “Bali and Beyond Travel Fair”.

“We are planning the event so that any promotion is focused so each tourism industry practitioner doesn’t held any separated event,” said the Chief of Asita Bali, I Ketut Ardana.

The event is more in the form of exhibition but it is packaged in more exclusive way so that it seems prestigious.

He hoped that all international events happen in other regions could involve in the planned event in order to focus the promotion activity.

According to Ardana, so far the promotion efforts in Indonesia always happen separately so it isn’t united. The condition surely will result in wasting the expenses.

“All regions always use Bali as the central to promote tourism potential they have, for that reason it will be good if all authorities of tourism from various regions outside Bali join and cooperate,” he said.

He said that the BTF mustn’t always held in Bali since the other regions in Indonesia also have the right to get opportunity to be the host.

“The name of Bali is included in the promotion activity agenda because it is the window of Indonesia on the world’s eyes,” he said.

Besides making agenda to establish medium for promotion, he is discussing to make tourism portal based on information technology.

The aim is to protect the tourism market potential in the region so that it isn’t taken by foreign businessmen who had opened similar thing for a long time.

“The portal will make the members of Asita to be more free in marketing their products widely,” he said.

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