Australia Spends $20m on Indonesian Air Safety

Australia Spends $20m on Indonesian Air Safety

JAKARTA ~ Australia will spend over US$20 million on helping improve Indonesia’s disastrous air and sea safety record after a string of deadly accidents, the Australian embassy said here.

The funding comes two months after five Australians were among 21 killed when a Garuda plane crash-landed on a runway in Yogyakarta and burst into flames.

“Australia will provide almost Rp178 billion ($20.2. million) over three years for a package of training and technical cooperation with Indonesia in addressing significant transport safety challenges,” Australian ambassador Bill Farmer said on Wednesday.

Farmer emphasized that Australia would use the money to cooperate with Indonesia to improve safety in both the aviation and maritime sectors.

“Both countries lost lives in the Yogyakarta tragedy of 7 March,” he said.

“This tragedy has galvanized our two nations into further action to demonstrate to the traveling public of our two nations that safety is a priority for us all.”

He said the money would be spent on improving the skills of safety regulators, managers, investigators and air traffic controllers.

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