Australian Citizen Found Dead in Sanur Villa

Australian Citizen Found Dead in Sanur Villa

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DENPASAR – South Denpasar District was rocked by a tragic incident on Monday, September 11, 2023, when an Australian citizen, Simon Charles Atkin, was discovered dead in his luxury villa in Banjar Panti, Sanur. This incident has become the center of attention, leaving many unanswered questions.

According to AKP I Ketut Kirma of the Banjar Police, who provided a statement to the Public Relations Officer of the Denpasar Regional Police, AKP I Ketut Sukadi, the victim, Simon Charles Atkin, was found lying on the villa floor with his head facing north and his feet pointing south. A striking detail was the presence of blood on his lips, indicating signs of a tragic event.

The Crime Investigation Team from the Denpasar Regional Police arrived at the scene at 1:15 PM local time. Despite conducting a thorough examination of the crime scene, there were no visible physical injuries on the victim.

“Initial suspicion is that the victim passed away due to illness. Additionally, at the scene, medications and an empty Vodka bottle were found,” stated the Public Relations Officer of the Denpasar Regional Police.

Ketut Sukadi emphasized that the police acted swiftly upon receiving the report, conducting witness interviews at the location, contacting relevant authorities, and reporting the incident to their superiors. The victim’s body has been transported to Prof. Dr. I.G.N.G. Ngoerah Regional Hospital by the Denpasar City BPBD Ambulance Team for further autopsy.

The case is currently under further investigation to determine the cause of Simon Charles Atkin’s death. The local community and authorities are eagerly awaiting the investigation’s results, which will hopefully shed light on the mystery surrounding the tragic death of this Australian citizen.

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