Bali’s Super Cars May Soon Be Off-Road Vehicles

Bali’s Super Cars May Soon Be Off-Road Vehicles


Governor I Made Mangku Pastika wants unregistered Ferrari sports cars and illegal big motorbikes evicted from Bali — along with their owners if they won’t pay tax like everyone else.

“The owners are clearly not responsible people, because they do not pay taxes. They are bold enough to buy expensive cars but not to brave enough to pay taxes. They have not purchased legal vehicles,” Pastika said.

He said people who owned illegally imported Ferraris, other luxury cars and large motor cycles must be brought into line on import duties and road taxes.

“If they continue to disobey the law by operating illegal vehicles in Bali, it would be better to throw them off the island,” he said.

He has won support for action from the chairman of Commission I of the provincial House of Representatives, I Made Arjaya. He says the legislature must help put an end to the illegal use of luxury vehicles.

Rather than paying off certain officials in order to be allowed to operate their vehicles, it would be better if these rich people just paid their taxes,” Arjaya said.


  1. Tom says:

    Who can be so STUPID, driving a Ferrari on the roads of Bali….. kick ’em off – we don’t need such “orang-orang yang tolol” on this beautiful island !

  2. Cry me river says:

    Ferrari and porches in Bali only make it that much cooler. I don’t see why people get all in a tizzy about having luxury sports cars here. If you haven’t noticed, Bali has some of the most luxurious hotels, villas and spas in the world – I don’t see people (Tom above) crying about them?

  3. Michel says:

    This is not about Ferrari’s or other boy-toys, this is about our local government trying to eradicate corruptive behavior. And I must say in a very smart way.

  4. kadek says:

    ferrari! who give a fuck if u have it drive it even u drive an aeroplane on legian str no one cares , but c’mon these peaple r ruining bali becouse their ubuisly dont give a shit about laws which is very comment in bali,to many laws has been brokened in bali, this is true why should they pay no taxes if other vhical or motor bike paid every year it’s not fair they do not owen d island so for that everybody should pay their taxes , but iknow nothing fair in bali or in the world u got money u can do can anything. AJEG BALI

  5. Gay Kindel says:

    Here’s a funny quote to make you smile 🙂

    Do not attribute to malice what can as easily be attributed to stupidity. 🙂

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