Bali Bans New Year’s Eve Parties, Fireworks

Bali Bans New Year’s Eve Parties, Fireworks

Bali Governor Wayan Koster issued a Circular on people’s activity during Christmas and New Year holidays. One of the main points in the new Circular is the prohibition to hold New Year’s Eve party and the use of fireworks.

In his statement, Governor Koster emphasized that the Circular is made by taking into account the high rate of transmission of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Indonesia, including the Province of Bali. This Circular is effective from 18 December 2020 to 4 January 2021.

There are several important points emphasized in this Circular. Domestic Travelers to Bali by air must show a letter of negative PCR swab test result, the test must be taken a minimum of 48 hours before departure, and are also required to fill up the e-HAC Indonesia form that can be done from apps available on Google Play and App Store.

While travelers to Bali using private vehicles via land and sea transportation must present a negative result of the Rapid Test Antigen.

“The certificate of negative PCR test and negative Rapid Test Antigen results are valid for 14 days from the date of issuance,” Governor Koster said in Denpasar on Tuesday.

The Circular also mentioned that every person, business actor, manager, organizer, or person in charge of places and public facilities who carry out activities during Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration in Bali must implement health protocols, namely wearing a mask, washing hands or providing hand sanitizer, limiting physical interactions, always keep the distance.

Furthermore, it is strictly prohibited for New Year’s Eve parties and the like indoors and or outdoors, fireworks, and alcoholic drinks.

The governor stated that those who violate the provisions will be subject to administrative sanctions in accordance with Bali Governor Regulation Number 46 of 2020 and other statutory regulations.

“To regents/mayor, sub-district heads, village heads, traditional Bendesa (cultural head) throughout Bali, as well as related parties to coordinate, communicate and socialize this Circular to be implemented in an orderly, disciplined and full of responsibility. To the Commander of Military Area Command (Kodam) IX / Udayana Bali and the Regional Police Chief are requested to carry out disciplinary enforcement operations to ensure the implementation of this Circular,” Governor Koster said.


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