Roadwork Chaos Raises Ire of Bypass Users

Roadwork Chaos Raises Ire of Bypass Users


Anger is mounting over continuous traffic delays on the Sanur-Kusamba bypass caused by the work in progress to make the highway dual carriageway.

Bali legislator IB Udiyana, of Sanur, said many people had complained to him about the endless delays and the difficulty local traffic had in crossing the highway because of hold-ups.

“What a mess,” he said.

Udiyana, a member of Commission III in the provincial House of Representatives and a former candidate for vice mayor of Denpasar, said people appreciated that the highway work was essential.

“But the contractors must pay attention to traffic convenience,” he said. “People understand there will be hold-ups but they don’t want it to be very messy.”

He said the problem would be sent to the provincial Commission III for action and he expected Bali’s public works chief, Dewa Puniasa, would be called to explain the situation.

“There must be a way to do the work without massive inconvenience to the public,” Udiyana said.

Government spokesman Ketut Tenang confirmed this week that a complaint would be submitted to the public works department.

Upgrading the Sanur-Kusamba bypass is being financed by Australian aid.

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