Bali Design Kuta-Soka-Pekutatan Toll

Bali Design Kuta-Soka-Pekutatan Toll


Bali Provincial Government will propose a plan of Kuta (Badung) – Soka (Tabanan) – Pekutatan (Jembrana) toll project. The plan of Kuta – Soka- Pekutatan highway has had been discussed with the Ministry of Public Works (PU).

The development plans of Kuta – Soka – Pekutatan highway that extends for 70 km is delivered by Governor Made Mangku Pastika after plenary session on delivering a general view of fractions in the Bali Parliament Building, Niti Mandala Denpasar, on Monday.

Governor Pastika stated that the toll road lying over the southern coastline is planned to have budget models like Benoa – Ngurah Rai – Nusa Dua toll, which is from the consortium, using the central budget. “We propose to make Kuta – Soka – Pekutatan Beach toll road. It is a road over the sea. If from Kuta to Pekutatan beach, it will be 70 km long,” said Governor Pastika.

Pastika asserted that Kuta – Soka – Pekutatan toll road has been proposed, since it has small social impact and cost less than building a road on land that requires land acquisition, such as Jalan Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Tohpati (Denpasar) – Kusamba (Klungkung) .

If Kuta – Soka- Pekutatan is built, Pastika said, there is no land acquisition needed, due to its construction on the seafront. This plan has been worked out and had been discussed with the Ministry of Public Works.

When he was asked about the possibility of emerging pros and cons as well as being accused to have a dream on the proposed construction of Kuta – Soka – Pekutatan toll, according to Pastika, it could have happened. “Everything must come from a dream. Yes, we should dare to dream. But, do not dream eventually. If you are dreaming too much, you will not wake up,” said the former police chief of Bali.

If the project is realized, said Pastika, in the future Denpasar–Tabanan-Jembrana distance, which is originally at least takes 3 hours could be shortened. The toll road is expected to spend a budget of around Rp6 trillion.

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  1. Mario says:

    A dream Pastika? You had a nightmare.

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