Bali Gains Success in India’s Tourism Industry

Bali Gains Success in India’s Tourism Industry


The tourism practitioners in Bali stated that tourists from India are increasing.

“Increasing number of Indian tourists to Bali means that the tourism promotion once conducted by the government to India seems to have concrete result,” said tourism practitioner Made Sudana in Denpasar.

Nonetheless, he suggested that tourism marketing to overseas should be intensified in order to keep foreign tourists coming to Bali, such as Indian tourists increasing to 1.97 percent of total foreign tourists to Bali, reaching 3.2 million people in 2013.

Bali Department of Tourism records the number of Indian tourist arrivals rose by 38.49 percent to 64,579 people during 2013 when compared to the previous year, which recorded only 46,632 people.

Sudana said that increasing Indian tourists coming to Bali is because of the good relationship between governments and cultural cooperation between Bali and India, which have Hindu culture.

The similar relationship is expected to add to the excitement for wealthy people in India who come to Bali, as well as spiritual leaders conducting pilgrimages (Tirtayatra) to the island of Gods.

The tourist accommodation business owners in Bali welcomed the community and spiritual leaders to join efforts to develop the tourism industry by spreading feelings of peace.

Currently, there are centers of Indian culture emerging with the practice of Yoga in Indonesia with instructors from across the country, which will automatically be able to provide information about the culture of Bali after their return to India.

The Bali Provincial Government and Indian Government have built a good relationship marked with reciprocal visits of officials, that is believed to have added to the excitement to the people of both parties.

“Many Balinese people conducted pilgrimage to India, to visit places of worship in the country, with the hope that Indian people do so as well,” Sudana said.

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