Bali Gov Agrees Airport above the Sea, Asks More Study

Bali Gov Agrees Airport above the Sea, Asks More Study


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika expressed approval of the idea of building a new airport on the sea which will be located in Buleleng Regency, as described by the consultant from Canada Airport Kinesis.

“The airport itself has been definitely determined in Kubutambahan, Buleleng, and there are many first class paddy fields. So if it to be sacrificed, I was worried would disrupt food production there,” he said when listening to the explanation of consultants led by Trade Commissioner Embassy of Canada, Tommy Ruslim, in Denpasar on Wednesday.

According to him, by building the new airport on top of the ocean by having reclamation about 600 hectares, it will not disadvantage the surrounding farmland.

However, in order to deepen the study of the Airport Kinesis Canada, Pastika asked that certain survey of the ocean depths in Kubutambahan, because the waters around Kubutambahan is very deep and the waves are big enough so as not to interfere with the construction of the airport.

Mangku Pastika was also asked the consultant to prepare a more detailed explanation of the funding, management and future development of the airport if the project is built in order to give benefit for Bali.

“I ask for clarity from you, what value that can be offered to us, because in addition to Airport Kinesis Canada there are still two other airport consultants that will be competing,” he said.

In addition to technical problems, Pastika also highlighted administrative problem that is the approval of the Ministry of Transportation. He is worried about the current political transition effect on the smooth of administration of the relevant ministries.

Related to administrative issues, the Governor asked the Airport Kinesis Canada to work together with the ranks of Bali provincial government to monitor the license at the Ministry of Transportation to be quickly realized.

Meanwhile, representatives from the Airport Kinesis Canada, Shad Serroune, explained the concept of airport development in North Bali.

By carrying the name Dwijendra International Airport, it is hoped that the new airport able to tackle congestion in the region of South Bali.

“Construction of the airport above sea plans to use reclamation system, we estimate 134 million cubic soils needed to a depth of no more than 100 meters,” he said.

He added that, in addition to build an airport, it also provides a superior proposal, namely the construction of hospitals, education centers and training of aerospace. The construction and operation of the airport will carry the environmentally friendly concept.

In addition, Shad Serounne also promised the development of this airport will open up many new jobs for the local workforce. The plan in addition to domestic flights, the airport will also serve international flights.

He assured if a license from the Ministry of Transportation be published around October 2014, the construction can be implemented early next year.

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