Bali Government to Distribute Scholarship Cards

Bali Government to Distribute Scholarship Cards


The Bali provincial government will distribute scholarship cards to students who come from poor families.

“Based on the results of our evaluation about the scholarship in the previous year, there are many people who do not know that they have the right to receive assistance from the provincial government of Bali,” said Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika here.

He explained that scholarship cards contain nominal amounts of assistance received by the students. Each elementary school student from poor families is entitled to Rp600 thousand per year, junior high school student Rp890 thousand per year, high school student Rp2 million per year, and vocational student Rp3,2 million per year.

“This assistance complements the School Operating Assistance (BOS) funded through the state budget, so there is no reason for students to drop out of school,” he said.

He added, the amount of assistance for vocational students is the biggest one because it includes costs for practices because its levels were different from those of other schools.

He said, the provincial government of Bali has been operating assistance of education (BOP) for each high school student of Rp400 thousand and Rp500 thousand for vocational students per year.

“The program is given to state schools in the form of a special financial assistance (BKK) through the district/city government and  included in the regional budget, then be distributed to schools,” he said.

As for private high schools or vocational schools, the funds are distributed through the school committee, but schools and school committees often do not inform the students.

Meanwhile, Head of Education, Youth and Sports of Bali AA Ngurah Gede Sujaya said the allocation of funds in scholarship program reached Rp128.9 billion.

He added, the number of poor students in Bali varied in levels of education, namely elementary school students reaching 56 thousand,junior high schools 20 thousand students, senior high schools 10 thousands and vocational schools 16 thousand students.

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