Bali Governor Wants to Build a New Airport at Buleleng Regency

Bali Governor Wants to Build a New Airport at Buleleng Regency


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika wants to develop a new airport, because in his opinion Buleleng regency needs an extra airport. This should be a big influence on the balance of the economy of the island.

“The airport has to be made, whether in the east or west,” he said that during the meeting of the representatives of the people of Buleleng regency, in Denpasar.

According to him, Bali require alternative airports outside Ngurah Rai because it will be overwhelmed. The maximum capacity will be overrated, if the number of foreign tourists to Bali reached more than five million.

“Unfortunately there can not be an no expansion of the ‘runway’,” he said.

He expects an average of 2.8 to 3 million visitors/tourists a year plus the domestic tourist visits about 7 million. These numbers are increasing to 15 million a year.

Pastika hopes that various groups do not fuss too much and react quickly to the presence of investors.

“Our disease is often to say ‘no’ to foreign investors so people will look at our region as not conducive,” he said.

We are affraid that foreigners will say, that Bali has have a lot of constructions.

He hoped in the future the parties who are not competent in the field of aviation do not comment too much because he feared that it would make investors become worried.

There should be an arranged meeting with Minister Dahlan Iskan to talk about construction of the airport in Buleleng, including funding that could be financed by the state and local governments.

He said Indian investors had already shown interest in financing the construction of the airport in Buleleng, yet reversed that after seeing many negative comments from parts of the Balinese community.

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