Bali Hard to Free from Rabies

Bali Hard to Free from Rabies


Bali Province still face difficulty to free from rabies as a result from the infectors and humans mobility in Bali are very high.

“Now Bali is facing difficulty to be free from rabies because there is disease resulted from dogs’ bite,” member of Bali Parliament Commission II Nyoman Sugawa Korry stated in Denpasar.

According to Sugawa Korry, what could be done now is doing prevention intensively, including vaccinate the infector animals.

“If the staffs find dog infected by rabies virus, they should do quick action immediately,” Golkar Party politician said.

He stated that besides couldn’t do any rabies-free action immediately, other problem happened in Bali is that the regional regulation of Rabies Prevention is not maximally issued yet to public.

“Prevailing of Rabies Prevention Regional Regulation is less than a year. So, it is understandable if the attempt is not maximal. Moreover, many people don’t understand Rabies Prevention Regional Regulation and its various concrete prevention,” former of Head of Bali DPD KNPI stated.

However, he said, it is expected that the Island of Gods rabies free will be better this year.

“What could be done now is socialization attempt about all matters related to rabies, whether it is general knowledge, prevention, medication and others,” he stated.

Sugawa Korry added, the socialization step to society should be maximized.

He pointed that region and city administrations don’t maximally socialize to people about how rabies prevention and treatment action should be done.

Because of that, Sugawa Korry suggested that there should be an evaluation on rabies socialization effort to village including animal quarantine in the village area.

He stated that the budget for rabies treatment has been allocated from central government and Bali Province regional income and cost budget. What need to be followed up is how the functionary to do information sharing up to village level.

“If only in the Province, of course it is not possible. We have to socialize until the low level, this is become obstacle. To free from the obstacle is hard but to decrease maximally is really possible to be done. By 2015, it will be possible although it is hard. We have to be treated optimally,” he explained.

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