Bali has Potential for Financial Tourism

Bali has Potential for Financial Tourism


Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika initiated the establishment of tourism financial center to develop the potential of Bali as an international tourist destination.

Bali is considered can run the financial tourism easily because lately many international meetings held in Bali.

“We want to build a tourism financial center, where tourists not only enjoy the beauty of nature, art and culture, but also can perform a variety of financial services activities in Bali,” he said.

About the system can be arranged in accordance with the banking rules. But at least can be applied to things related to tourism such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies or travel services, spas and other tourism supporting facilities.

According to him, economic growth in Bali today ranging from 6.3 % to 6.5 % supported by populist economic activity and tourism businesses provide large spillovers.

He is optimistic about the potential of Bali financial service centers will stimulate the economy and increasingly greater welfare of the people.

Pastika took example of some countries that formerly implements tourism financial center like Singapore and the Cayman Islands which became one of the leading global financial services center in the world.

“I believe that the financial center will become a new magnet in Bali tourism,” he said.

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