Bali Has the Longest Toll Bridge

Bali Has the Longest Toll Bridge


PT Jasa Marga Tbk announced that the island of Bali as a major tourist destination in Indonesia, will soon have the longest toll bridge in Indonesia with a length of approximately 12.7 kilometers.

“The toll bridge was built by a consortium led by state-owned Jasa Marga and about 10 km above the sea,” said Commissioner Jasa Marga Ibn Full Mochtar told reporters in Denpasar.

He explained, long toll bridge in Bali is almost the same as the “Penang Bridge” in Malaysia which length is 13.5 KM or “Union Bridge” along 12.9 KM in Canada.

“Perhaps, this is the most beautiful highway in the worlds and connects Nusa Dua, Benoa and Ngurah Rai Airport. From Benoa, this road will connect to the Sanur and Denpasar through Ngurah Rai Bypass,” he said.

Currently, the community of the direction of Denpasar, Kuta or Ngurah Rai airport going towards Nusa Dua, the only way is only through Ngurah Rai Bypass Highway.

Nowadays, the road which has been operated since the 1960’s is getting heavier.

“Every morning and evening, traffic density can be found around the traffic light around Ngurah Rai Airport or Simpang Siur to Denpasar,” he said.

In fact, according to a survey, he added, the number of four-wheeled vehicles or more are crossing every day to Bypass Ngurah Rai reached more than 40 thousand. Not to mention the number of motorcycles that pass reaches 56 thousand more.

“You can imagine, if there is an accident that resulted in the closing of a fork in the path Bypass Ngurah Rai Airport, the flow of vehicles from Kuta or Denpasar to Nusa Dua will be cut off,” he said.

Therefore, the existence of a third alternative path which connects the tourist area is very important.

“Especially, when impaired by pass road, motorists can through this alternative route and avoid traffic congestion in some of the congestion point,” he said.

Thus, Ibnu added, the travel time to reach the destination could be faster.

Ibnu also said that the travel time Benoa-Nusa Dua at the time of reaching the peak hours to two hours.

But the toll bridge when it is completed, then the travel time required from Benoa to Nusa Dua is only about 10-15 minutes.

In another section, the Director of Business Development of PT Jasa Marga Abdul Hadi said that Bali Toll Bridge project (JTB) is the fastest which is built in Indonesia.

“Projects worth Rp2, 4 trillion is done by Jasa Marga with other state-owned consortium with construction concept ‘design and built’ first in Indonesia,” he said.

In addition to the land acquisition is relatively small, it also gives freedom of creativity for contractors that have proven their high efficiency and save on construction costs around Rp330 billion.

“Because of that, it was four months sooner than the target of 18 months,” he said.

Not only that, said Abdul Hadi, JTB also provides the opportunity for motorcycle users to share the first toll facility in Bali. “So, alike in a toll bridge Surabaya-Madura (Suramadu),” he said.

Therefore, he assure, JTB than become a new icon for Bali, also adds a new tourist attraction for the island. “The impact, economically, Bali will also grow,” he said.

Abdul Hadi added, when operated later, JTB proposed rates for class 1 vehicles is Rp 10.000 and Rp 4.000 for motorcycles.

“The study said the project, when operated, the daily traffic reached 38 thousand,” he said, adding that the JTB technical life of 50 years.

JTB Jasamarga operated by PT Bali Tol, a subsidiary of PT Jasa Marga Tbk with a 60 percent stake Jasa Marga, 20 percent IPC III, 10 percent of PT Angkasa Pura 1, 5 percent Wijaya Karya, Adhi Karya 2 percent, 1 percent Hutama work, state enterprises Bali 1 percent, Badung government and Bali provincial isnasi campur ayam, as always 1 percent.

JTB is operated by PT Bali Toll Jasamarga for a concession period of 45 years.


  1. marc says:

    Amazing a tollbridge of 12.7 km over land and 10 km above sea level… that is a tourist attraction!!!

  2. Bert Veenhuis says:

    The toll bridge is 10 KILOMETERS above the sea?
    Maybe 10 METERS is more likely.
    If it were 10km an oxygen bottle would have to be fitted to all motor_vehicles and bike riders will freeze to death even in .BAli.

  3. Kadek says:

    Bali is getting ridiculously steupid , too much sooo sick of it .

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