Bali Hotel Occupancy Exceeds Before Pandemic Period

Bali Hotel Occupancy Exceeds Before Pandemic Period

Tourists watch Kecak fire dance show at Pecatu, Bali (Photo:

The number of tourists visiting Denpasar, Bali, increased sharply in December 2022 during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Denpasar City tourism agency head Dezire Mulyani said that hotel occupancy during this period even exceeded the same holiday season before the coronavirus pandemic.

“The occupancy during Christmas and New Year reached around 80 to 90 percent. It is even higher than before the pandemic, which is only 50 to 60 percent,” Dezire explained on Monday, January 9, 2023.

Among the many aspects that have encouraged the increase, Dezire said that tourist destinations at Denpasar and Sanur were not as diverse as it is now. Dezire added that another factor that caused the increase is the lifting of the pandemic restrictions. 

Among 4,000 hotel rooms that are available across Denpasar City, Sanur was said to be the most crowded area. Online hotel booking apps also showed that hotels rated between 2 to 3 stars located in the middle of a city are more appealing to tourists. 

Dezire added that usually, the occupancy rate will slowly drop after the year-end holidays. However, she said that in the past week, the hotel occupancy rate is still at 60 percent. (ANT)

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