Bali Indonesia Land Mafia Exposed

Bali Indonesia Land Mafia Exposed

The Bali land mafia is alive and well busy defrauding investors of USD Millions of dollars. Despite Bali’s top cop, General Petrus Golose assuring the public and media that his police department would eradicate the land mafia.

The land mafia is purportedly headed by former Bali Vice Governor I Ketut Sukikerata, who is sitting in jail awaiting trial on embezzlement, money laundering and fraud charges for allegedly embezzling and defrauding Maspion boss Alim Markus out of I DR 150 Billion Rupiah (USD 10.6 Million).

Reports have surfaced that Sudikerta despite his incarceration, through his land syndicate has brazenly and secretly sold the luxury hotel of a Pt Dreamalnd Bali, developed Canadian Investor Hanno Soth, for a reported IDR 80 Billion (USD 5.6 Million). This secret and illegal deal was made to purchase a luxury resort for pennies on the dollar. This deal was made on the promise that Sudikerta and his syndicate would use his connections; from police to the highest levels in the courts could deliver these assets free and clear to Chinese investors of PT. Manor Tirta Puncak directed by Hedar Giacomo Boy Sham. Sudikerta himself has been allocated IDR 45 Billion (USD 3,2 Million) for his own “defense fund”.

In Indonesia anything is possible, if you have money and the right connections. As in the case of the Bali land syndicate leader I Ketut Sudikerta, who was formerly the Vice Governor of Bali and local head of the Bali Golkar political party.

Not surprisingly Sudikerta’s land syndicate secured a cool IDR 80 Billion (USD 5.6 Million) on a promise of being able to transfer this IDR 300 Billion (USD 21 Million) luxury resort unbeknown to the owner, since the Notary also documents as having received a huge payout.

According to the Alantic Magazine “corruption in Indonesia is like the humidity, it is always present. The worst offenders, are some of the most powerful figures in their community. Many of the police officers, prosecutors, and judges who might hold them in check, owe their job to the very same individuals. It’s a thorny problem, even for countries with well-developed public institutions.”

It is not easy for the average person without money to fight against a land syndicate who can raise IDR Billion (USD Millions) on a promise to control the justice system.

According to lawyer for Pt Dreamland Bali, the people of Indonesia have grown tired of this kind of corruption. Justice seems to favor the rich and connected. We have heard rumors of how the land syndicate has already paid out part of the IDR 80 Billion. “Follow the money and the corrupt individual at all levels will be exposed.” say lawyers for the victim Pt Dreamland Bali.

This case will shine a bright light on the infected justice system of Indonesia, as the Propam (Police Internal affairs) and KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) will follow where the IDR 80 Billion (USD 5.6 Million) has been spent in recent months.

We believe that most citizens of Indonesia are sick and tired of corruption and the rich and powerful buying justice for themselves. There are a lot of good people within the judicial system, ready to replace those who would do business with the land mafia or refuse to do their jobs, say the lawyers of Pt Dreamland Bali

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