Bali is Predicted to Collapse on 2015

Bali is Predicted to Collapse on 2015


Indonesia Forum for the Environments (Walhi) predicted that almost all area in Bali will be collapse on 2015 because of the rapid construction of tourism accommodations which neglect environment preservation.

“It is aggravated by the excessive amount use of water in the Southern area,” Deputy Director of Walhi Bali Suriadi Darmoko stated in Denpasar.

The attitude of Badung Regency Government that doesn’t protect the forest area as a water absorption even worsen this condition.

On the other hand, Badung Regency has the biggest amount of net regional income compare to other regencies in Bali.

“We need to make moratorium on hotel construction. Because so far the construction was centered on the Southern area,” he said.

According to him, besides, we have to do a guided study on tourism master plan in Bali.

The study aims to know whether or not the Island of Gods still needs any new hotel construction.

“The Island may only need the arrangement of tourist accommodation so that it will be clear to which area it should be directed,” he said.

He instructed that the development of tourism should be directed to its quality, not to the quantity.


  1. Marion Hammond says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article, and you have neglected to mention the traffic problem also…I have been coming to Bali for 33 years and I’m not sure that Australian tourists are screaming out for more resorts and hotels, if the government caps the construction of hotels the only people that will suffer are the developers, I have stayed at many hotels all over the island, Kuta, Legian Sanur and Nusa Dua and also North at Singarajah and it’s such a shame to see the skyline changing…There are enough Hotels to cope with the tourists, and most go back to the same rsorts where they feel comfortable…In the last 5 years I have stayed at a Boutique Hotel with only 60 rooms, I like the comfort and the Location in Legian…Not don’t get me started on the traffic, that should be the priority it takes over 1 hour to travel less than a kilometre down the beach at 4pm any day of the week….Try doing something about this, it’s the most common complaint I hear back here in Australia….Tourists are sick of the traffic….

  2. LYNDON H. says:

    Having been fortunate to have stayed in Bali, I remember clearly the traffic problem. Maybe some of the more popular streets should have deliveries to shops restricted to certain times of the day and the rest of the day restricted to pedestrians only.
    Just a thought 🙂
    I am hoping to go back for another visit in a few months time. I don’t want my toes squashed by a scooter !

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