Disappearing Pavements Spark Anger in Kuta

Disappearing Pavements Spark Anger in Kuta


Repeated demolition of pavements in Kuta because public works were not properly coordinated and different contractors have to keep digging them up to do their own work have angered local people.

Leading Badung legislator I Gusti Anom Gumanti, chairman of the regency’s Commission B, said it was a waste of billions of rupiah and blamed Badung’s public works department for the situation.

It was also unfortunate before continuous pavement work was an eyesore in a prime tourism area, as well as a hazard for visitors, and might lead to reduced numbers of tourists in the area.

Gumanti said the relevant agencies and Badung’s highways and irrigation department should coordinate and synchronise their work to minimise disruption and control costs.

“Work should be done together where possible so that new paving does not become redundant just after it’s finished,” he said.

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  1. warga bali says:

    they trying to fix thing that will cost the less so the rest can go to the pocket

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