Bali Population Increase 2.15%

Bali Population Increase 2.15%


Population of Bali province grew 2.15 percent in the last ten years that exceeded the specified projection.

Head of the National Population and Family Planning (BKKBN) Bali Chapter, I Wayan Sundra said that in 2000 the population of the island has now reached 3.89 million people.

“The rate of population growth due to natural birth and migration needs serious attention from all parties,” he said.

The young generation, especially at the age of 15-24 years old, found the population problem very important and should be handled seriously.

Therefore, BKKBN held a speech contest for high school students about population.

On that occasion, the organization also signed cooperation between Bali Province BKKBN with the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Bali on efforts to create a happy small family and have a prosperous life through education pertaining to the population and family planning for educators, learners, and educational staffs.

In addition, the cooperation with the Regional Office of Ministry of Religion of Bali Province in relation to strengthen educational programs concerning population and family planning through the role of religious and spiritual education as well as religious institutions.

Head of Education, Youth and Sports of Bali Province Anak Agung Gde Ngurah Sujaya explained that population and family planning program should be succeeded together, because it is very important to realize the happy and qualified little family.

“We are ready to cooperate with BKKBN Bali to jointly succeed the family planning programs,” he said.

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