Bali Province Allocates Rp9 Billion to Eradicate Rabies

Bali Province Allocates Rp9 Billion to Eradicate Rabies


The Bali administration allocated an average of Rp9 Billion every year to finance rabies eradication program in the province, Chief of the Bali Health Office Ketut Suarjaya said on Sunday.

“The amount of money is used to buy vaccines and finance other activities related to our effort to eradicate rabies in Bali,” said Ketut.

According to him the Bali province has prepared 25,000 packages of vaccines which are estimated to last until the end of 2014.

However Ketut emphasized that people’s active participation were needed to make the program of eradicating rabies in Bali succeed. He called on the local people to give vaccine to their pet dogs and never let loose dogs which were diagnosed of having rabies.

Earlier on Friday (Oct 31) a patient, suspectedly being infected with rabies, had died at Denpasar’s Sanglah hospital. The identity of the deceased was not revealed but according to report he or she showed the symptoms similar to rabies sufferer.

Bali Provincial Government is also determined to minimize the case of dog bites transmitting rabies, eventhough during the ten-month period from January to October 2014 recorded 110 cases.

“Of the 110 cases that occur most frequently happened in Karangasem that is 24 cases,” said Head of Animal Health of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Department, IKG Nata Kesuma in Denpasar on Tuesday.

He said the rest of the bite cases also occurred in other districts / city in Bali.

Various attempts were made to suppress the spreading rabies bite cases, those are socialization and distribution of vaccines intensively into eight districts and one city in this area.

Nata Kusuma added that the lack of public awareness to vaccinate pets, animals become a major factor of increasing cases of rabies.

To suppress the transmission of rabies cases, it is expected that people who were bitten by dog immediately clean the wound, and then go to the hospital to get an injection of vaccine.

Bali Provincial Government and the City Government and nine local governments are determined to be a tourist destination which is free of rabies by making various efforts and breakthroughs.

The efforts are mass vaccination of the entire population of dogs continuously applied in eight districts and one city in this area.

Rabies mass vaccination of phase V was implemented from beginning April 15 2014 by prioritizing stray dogs that the owners and keepers are unknown.

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