Bali Province Government Analyze The Plan of Advertising Benoa Bay

Bali Province Government Analyze The Plan of Advertising Benoa Bay


The government of Bali Province now is analyzing the plan to advertise the area of Benoa Bay, which attracts many investors as a new tourism area.

“Lets analyze it first, it’s better we see what they want to make, which we all don’t know yet,” said the Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika in Denpasar.

The government can’t reject the plan straightforwardly regarding insistence from some parties that expects the leader of Bali must reject it.

“It’s better if we hear first what they want to establish. Don’t just reject the plan at once. If it’s good, not destroy Bali, bring profit, maintain the Balinese custom and culture, could improve the people wealth, why not?” said the former of Bali Police Chief.

According to him, if the proposal offered by one of investors is rejected directly so no more investor will have courage to invest in Bali.

“Please don’t have a priory, I think it’s time to be open for discussion, don’t just reject without any reasonable rationale. I certainly don’t want Bali be destroyed,” he said.

If the advertising plan in the area of Benoa Bay brings positive result for Bali, so the government will socialize it involving scholars, legislators, customary leaders, religious figure and local people to discuss the plan.

Pastika stated that he must be careful in deciding about the sensitive issue for people demand and the environment.

“I have to be careful not gray, I must see what the plan is,” he added.

Before, one of investors from Jakarta wanted to advertise in the area of Benoa Bay located near the toll or road over the sea (JDP), which is still in progress connecting Benoa-Ngurah Rai-Nusa Dua.

On the other hand, Regional Investment Coordination Agency of Bali Province admitted that they didn’t receive any proposal for investment plan to establish a formula 1 (F1) circuit on the 100 hectares area at Benoa Bay.

“We don’t get any permit of investment for establishing F1 circuit,” said the Head of Regional Investment Coordination Agency of Bali Province, Ida Bagus parwata in Denpasar.

According to him, to make sure the issue, it should be confirmed to the local government in which the circuit will be established.

Parwata said that the realization of investment both foreign and domestic during January-March 2013 is Rp 3.8 trillions.

As what we all know, consortium of multination and international companies plan to establish F1 circuit in Bali.

“The issue has been spread out for a long time, the plan is it will be established in the area of resort and marine at Benoa Bay,” said Anthony Sarwono, an automotive observer.

The establishment of international automotive sports arena is a part of promotion project at Benoa Bay.

Based on his observation, until now the project is in the process of licensing at Provincial government. There is issue that the main construction focuses more on the resort and marine project rather than the circui

However, the establishment of F1 circuit in the Island of Gods is very appropriate to be developed as a segment of sport tourism.

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