Bali Ready to Develop Retirement Tourism

Bali Ready to Develop Retirement Tourism


Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, welcomed the study by a team led by Prof. Dr. Ketut Sukardika on the potential of tourism for elderly travelers or specifically known as retirement tourism. According to the Governor, until now there are so many traveling options are available in Bali, but there is no specific accommodation option for the elderly travelers although the idea has been implemented in advanced countries such as Australia and countries in Europe, and even neighboring countries like Philippines and Malaysia have started to design it.

To meet the 2015 ASEAN free trade era, Indonesia, especially Bali should not miss the moment. As an icon of tourism in Indonesia, Bali should start designing the idea, because it seems that it could bring high profit since usually elderly travelers are in average already well established financially and not the seasonal travelers.

Sukardika explained the concept of the retirement tourism is preparing a place in the form of cottages for rent to elderly tourists. The cottage itself must meet several requirements, such as, strategic location and clean, beautiful and comfortable environment and equipped with facilities such as hospitals filled by competent medical staffs.

It is expected that those who live there can spend their old age with relaxed atmosphere, filled with fun activities for the elderly, such as gardening, arts or just socialize with each other. Moreover, until now there are about thousands of elderly foreigners in Bali, but have not been recorded, if they can be gathered in one place and can be well managed by the government, then it could be beneficial for all parties.

Responding to the idea, the Governor asked his staff to take action quickly to record and seek for provincial lands in which such facility could be built.

“Payangan is seems appropriate, it is a cold place, close to Ubud, the elderly tourist favorite, so please check the land there,” he said. Governor saw the idea is very good and could be one option in Bali.

“Elderly travelers are those who do have money, if we can make use of this opportunity, we can imagine how much the benefit and how many people in our society are going to get a job,” he added. Pastika further asserted that this plan must be calculated carefully, including its workforce. “Prioritize local labor, but they have to be trained first, so that they are competent. Related parties shall consider carefully about this project, in order to run pro-job, pro-poor alleviation, and of course no- traffic jam, so think about the most suitable location,” he said.


  1. peter says:

    i am pleased that the governor supports this proposal, in australia i have built many retirement villages as a project manager, i have vast expertise in this kind of development for foreigners in bali, lets get started….i am ready.

  2. James Bergwerff says:

    I have seen this now for the last 3 years , and that is where it stays . Just a lot of talk and no action .
    Why look at places near Ubud , not everybody likes to be inland . some likes the Beach live as well .

  3. Les says:

    Hi. I am a 68 year old male and go to Bali at least once a year and sometimes more, like three times in 2013.
    I have a son who’s work bases him in Bali and he is married to a local Balinese woman and they have two children.

    In June I am going to Bali for three months to leave my local winter behind and to see how I cope as a virtual resident. I realise that the period that I will be in Bali is the ideal time for people to visit and is just a warm up to see how I handle the conditions.

    I love the idea of the article above but like a lot of other normal elderly people my age, I do have a few breathing problems and a wobbly knee or two and having already stayed in Ubud leads me to the realisation that because of the very hilly nature of that area it would be unsuitable for a less mobile person like myself.
    I stay in the Jimbaran area but in a hotel and not with family and I find the flatness of the terrain ideal for me to go walking to the market, warungs and beach without tiring me out too much. In Ubud I would need a motorbike or car.

    The cooler days and nights of Ubud make the area enticing to those of us who are more fit and mobile but a flatter area as well for another site for your wonderful proposal would I think, see you with more people considering the idea.

    Terima kasih.

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