Bali Reminds Foreign Tourists of Latest Driving Regulation

Bali Reminds Foreign Tourists of Latest Driving Regulation

The Bali transportation agency on Tuesday reminded foreign tourists that an international driving license is required to operate any type of vehicle on the island. 

“Internationally, people are of course permitted to drive vehicles, but they must have the correct license. This is what must be ensured, if they don’t have (a driving license), yes, they can’t, they have to be disciplined, they have to have a license,” said the Head of the Bali Transportation Agency Samsi Gunarta, on May 9, Antaranews reported.

Samsi eventually acknowledged that there are a plethora of problems related to foreign tourists operating vehicles in Bali who do not abide by the law, which went under the public spotlight the past several months, but assured that law enforcers are slowly correcting this issue. X

Ban Issued by Bali Governor 

Bali Governor Wayan Koster previously stated that foreign tourists would be prohibited from renting motorbikes. Bali already has a number of regulations governing foreign nationals through the Bali Governor’s regulation regarding tourism management, including a ban on foreign nationals from independently operating motorized vehicles.

“Tourists have to use cars from travel agents. It is no longer allowed to use vehicles that are not from travel agents,” said Koster, Sunday, March 12.

According to Koster, this rule will take effect from 2023 onwards after the Covid-19 pandemic has slowly subsided. The governor said Bali tourism will not only be oriented towards the number of visits each year but to maintain quality, cultured tourism by enforcing laws and regulations.

This policy, said Koster, could only be executed this year considering that in the previous year, Bali tourism was strongly hit by the global coronavirus pandemic and the absence of tourist visits. (Antara)


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