Bali Resort Lift Tragedy Claims Five Lives; Negligence Investigated

Bali Resort Lift Tragedy Claims Five Lives; Negligence Investigated

DENPASAR – Authorities are launching a thorough investigation into the possibility of management and technician negligence in the wake of a devastating incident involving a lift or gondola at a resort in Banjar Kedewatan Let, Kedewatan Village, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province. The incident, which occurred on Friday, September 1, 2023, at approximately 1:00 PM local time, resulted in the tragic loss of five resort employees. “There is a possibility of negligence on the part of both the management and the technicians, who may have failed to thoroughly inspect the lift’s condition, perform regular maintenance, and ensure adequate safety measures, considering the steep terrain of the location,” said Kapolsek Ubud Kompol I Made Uder on Friday.

Uder explained that based on the preliminary investigation at the scene, the incident is believed to have been caused by the snapping of a steel cable, subsequently causing the lift capsule to plunge at a 35-degree incline. “There is suspicion that when the five victims were ascending and were almost near the lift’s designated stopping point, suddenly the steel cable, which acts as the lift’s pulling mechanism, snapped,” he said.

The victims of this tragic workplace accident are two males, Sang Putu Bayu Krisna (19) and I Wayan Aries Setiawan (23), along with three females, Ni Luh Superningsih (20), Kadek Hardiyanti (24), and Kadek Yanti Pradewi (19). Uder explained that the resort was built atop a cliff, and the lift was typically used by guests and staff to access various areas of the resort. The lift track spans approximately 60 meters with a steep incline of 35 degrees.

The incident unfolded when the five victims boarded the lift at around 1:00 PM local time. A few minutes later, as the gondola was nearing its summit, several witnesses reported hearing cries for help and a loud crash emanating from the lobby area. Immediately, resort employees rushed outside to find the snapped steel cable. The lift, along with the victims, had plummeted from the tracks. They discovered the victims lying near the fallen lift, covered in blood. “The five victims were ascending in the lift while standing. As the lift was ascending, witnesses heard screams and a loud, crashing sound as if something had fallen and collided,” he stated.

The local authorities are now working diligently to uncover the circumstances leading up to this tragic event, with a primary focus on investigating whether management and technician negligence played a role. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of regular maintenance and safety measures, especially in areas with challenging terrain, to prevent such devastating accidents from occurring in the future.

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