Bali Target Addition of 18 Environmental-Aware Villages

Bali Target Addition of 18 Environmental-Aware Villages


Bali Provincial government targets to have an addition of 18 environmentally aware villages every year to speed up the handling of plastic waste on the island.

“The existing environmentally aware villages generally are a pilot project, and every year we are targeting to form 18 environmentally aware villages,” said the head of the Environmental Agency of Bali I Nyoman Sujaya, in Denpasar.

According to him, the main constraint in handling trash, including plastic, is in terms of public awareness. Therefore, when it is being formed the environmentally aware villages are expected to directly touch society.

“In average the production of plastic waste in Bali reached 90 tons per day, while those that can be handled by plastic waste processing plant in Tabanan are only about 30 tons per day,” he said.

Therefore, Sujaya expected that there is community participation through the environmentally aware villages and the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to address the garbage problem.

“We also have coordinated with the government of regencies/ city to seriously pay attention to the waste problem. Environmental conservation programs and environmentally aware villages will be included in the evaluation of the Medium Term Development Plan,” he said.

He added that the existing environmentally aware villages routinely receive guidance from the Environment Agency of Bali and monitoring from the regencies/ city governments.

If possible, he added, environmentally aware community could include a smaller scope than village, such as at the banjar (dusun).

On the other hand, to solve the garbage problem, Bali provincial government in 2012 also established the Integrated Service Unit (UPT) of Waste. But he admitted that it is still focused on landfills (TPA).

“In the future we hope that this UPT can be more focus in plastic waste management,” said Sujaya.

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