Aussie Temple Boozers Cause Outrage

Aussie Temple Boozers Cause Outrage


Pictures of Australians drinking large bottles of beer at Bali’s sacred Uluwatu Temple have angered local religious figures.

The pictures were taken by The Bali Times on Friday afternoon and show the tourists sarong-clad and strolling around the holy site on the southernmost tip of the island drinking beer, smoking and laughing and talking in loud voices.

“That is not allowed; it is not respectful,” Hindu priest Jero Ratna said on Saturday.

“If foreigners come to Bali, they have to respect the culture and the people,” she said.

The priest, from North Kuta, said the authorities at Uluwatu Temple should ensure that drinking alcohol is not permitted.

Uluwatu, set atop dramatic cliffs, is one of Bali’s most important Hindu temples, established according to local lore in the 11th century.


  1. O.S. says:

    Every one here is only looking for the money of the tourists …. they have to rent or buy a sarong and do a donation … anything else is dosnt matter 🙁

    And this is also not respectfull …. from the Balinese peoples to his own culture ….

    Lets hope the best for this Island !!

  2. John says:

    As an Australian I would like to say sorry. These idiots would do the same in Australia.
    I am so sorry.

  3. John says:

    Rent or buy a sarong, . thats fine. but they can still show some respect. How can we get this into Aust. papers. lets shame them.

  4. marc says:

    where did they buy their bintang…. at the entrance…. as a spiritual guide you can say if you have a beer than no temple for you. and the third: someone has braught them there, he or she could have said no alcehol… but in all three cases rupiahs are more important than normal behaviour.

  5. John Power says:

    Ozzies do Not understand culture or good manners. give an ozzie a few beers and the first thing he does is stand on the table and sing some dumb f…ing song like “last train outta sidney”. they should stay in sidney. not fit to mix with cultured races like Balinese …..

  6. John says:

    John Power. not all ozzies are like these rat bags.

  7. O.S. says:

    @ This is true !!!


    @ Marc: Thanks god or who ever, not all the Balineses are like this …. but in the tourism business a lot :-(( This is a shame too !!

  8. dave says:

    I work in Australia, 5on,5 off,live in Bali, my wife is Balinese,im constantly embarrassed by the behaviour of beer-swilling idiot crackers on their $5.99 Jetstar holiday….
    Id rather have a toe cut off with a blunt butter knife than talk to any of these retards.they need instruction.

  9. Tom says:

    This is the natural result of the Governments Mass tourism campaign, especially within the last years – more quantity than qualtity.. MONEY talks !
    Now it is like it is, and Bali has to deal with this in the future.. my opinion (and experience).. this unrespectful behavior is not only a matter of nationality… it’s a matter of education and intelligence!

    Tom ( dari Jerman )

  10. kadek says:

    oh my lord what the f…… is these guys thinking a beer on the tample , what an idiot . the tourist guide should known better he’s the one also to blame hopfuly some others will learn from this. respect other culture.

  11. Ian Wilson says:

    Give people a chance to do the right thing and make sure they are informed of what behaviour is required. When people are encouraged to visit, for the payment of cash, many of the places sacred to the Balinese people and there is often a confusing mix of eating, drinking and shopping with places to be revered eg Tanah Lot, if people are not instructed in the where and how of appropriate behaviour and no-one reprimands them if they get it wrong; there are going to be times when uninformed people make mistakes.

  12. Cheryl Forbes says:

    So, do these idiots smoke and drink in our Temples(Churches) of Worship, in Australia. I don’t think so!!

  13. pandu says:

    Hopefully that all was just lack of information towards the tourists. Lets just keep our heads cool and hope someone makes a clear regulation on the location.

  14. Ian Wilson says:

    Cheryl, does your Church sell beer and cigarettes out the front?

  15. kadek says:

    Ian if there is a beer and cigarettes in front of the church whould you buy it and drink it and smoke it while you go inside? it comment sense. Again the idiot man tour shuold informed these ideot, Dumb and dumbmer. sorry for my lagguage just can not understand peaple don’t respect other cultures

  16. Monika says:

    Lack of information? You gota be kidding me!
    Common sense …
    It’s lack of education from home…
    None in the west would walk in to a church with a fag a hamburger and a beer in their hand..
    Respect is required here!

    And as for selling food in front in the temple whats wrong with that?

    What’s the problem to pay for sarong?

    The money goes to the temple…how do you think these temples can keep up the maintenance?
    Government money? NOT!

    All private money…..
    People have to pay to get in to a museum in the west and nobody talks about greed and money there.

    Don’t even get me started….

  17. terry says:

    The hapless tourist guide is somewhat to blame (the blind leading the blind??), though surely the Yobzzies should have more of a clue

  18. The tourists are not to blame: These are a new breed of genetic mutations born at the Royal Freemantle Hospital in Perth in Bir Bintang T-shirts with a beer bottle fused biologically to their hands. The bottle is periodically filled up during ‘pub-crawls'(pit stops)called ries de passage. The promotion of bali as a “cheap exotic getaway” has attracted them to these shores.

  19. MIKE says:

    Yeah agree,drinking at the temple is disrespectfull…someone should tell that to the little balinese shit’s that get smashed on beer and arak down at Brawa’s segara perancak temple!!

  20. Dallas says:

    Imagine if the peace park goes ahead…or should we say piss park !

  21. MJS says:

    Considering that the Balinese people are often found to be gambling in and around the temples on their various religous holidays and regularly attend ceremonies after a morning of continuous drinking I find this to be slightly hypocritical. Not to say that these Australians shouldn’t have known better.

  22. Lovina says:

    I agree with MJS, what a bunch of hypocrites, they gamble, they go to ceremonies and get drunk, and they love ripping people off…not every balinese is like that, but then again, not every australian is a yobbo either!!!!

  23. Bea says:

    You know what? these people who do what they like in anothers culture would be there first to get riled up by the girls in their hijab or men in robes and long beards in Asutralia…remember Cronulla riots???