Bali tightens CHSE protocols at 94 tourist attractions

Bali tightens CHSE protocols at 94 tourist attractions

The Bali Tourism Office has tightened CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety & Environment Sustainability) protocols in 94 tourist attractions as part of preparations for welcoming domestic and international tourists during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The Bali Tourism Office has prepared standard operating procedures (SOP) to handle tourists in a number of tourism object areas in the province, acting head of the office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, said in Denpasar, Tuesday.

“The SOPs for foreign tourists when they arrive in Bali include checking of travel documents, vaccine certificates, undergoing PCR testing, then the foreign tourists will be taken to the hotel to isolate,” he informed.

Pemayun said his office has tightened the CHSE protocols in 94 tourism attractions that hold CHSE certification in a bid to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

“The tightening of CHSE protocols in tourist attractions starts from the entrance gate: officers prepare hand washing equipment, body temperature checks for tourists, then tourists are required to scan the QR code for the PeduliLindungi application that has been installed at the tourist attraction,” he expounded.

Serious efforts need to be made to achieve sustainable and quality cultural tourism in Bali, which was hit hard by the pandemic, Pemayun said.

“Building Balinese cultural tourism is like building a house with five pillars: academia, business, community, government, and media. These five pillars support each other and have the same goal for our progress together. That way, Bali tourism will definitely become strong, sturdy; and, of course, quality and sustainable tourism will be realized,” he remarked.

To boost tourist arrivals, the Bali government has proposed that travelers from five additional countries—Australia, the United States, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom—be allowed to enter Indonesia, especially Bali. The Indonesian government has so far opened entry to tourists from 19 countries. (ANT)

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