Bali to Host International Biology Olympiad

Bali to Host International Biology Olympiad


Bali is appointed to host the International Biology Olympiad on July 6-13, 2014, stated an official from the Education and Cultural Ministry Achmad Jazidie here on Wednesday.

Achmad explained that biology has become a sort of “leading” or clumps lead in science study.

“There are at least four participants from 65 countries to attend the International Biology Olympiad, IBO,” Achmad pointed out.

Therefore, Achmad estimated that there will be 250 participants from about 65 countries around the world.

“We hope, we will be able to increase student motivation all across Bali to boost the capability in the field of science especially biology, through this event,” Achmad remarked.

At the same occasion, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika highly appreciated the implementation of the International Biology Olympiad.

“I hope that the annual event can create leading and superior sons and daughters of Indonesia in the fields of natural science, especially concerning about the science of biology,” Pastika proclaimed.

With more and more international events held in Bali, Pastika noted that at the same time will further improve Bali’s image in the eyes of the world, not only in terms of tourism and international conferences, but also from the aspect of science.

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