Bali to provide travel guidebook to foreign tourists

Bali to provide travel guidebook to foreign tourists

The Bali provincial government has said it has created a guidebook for tourists on vacationing in the province amid the COVID-19 pandemic as part of preparations to welcome foreign tourists.

“As the government reopened tourism in Bali on October 14 (2021), we compiled a travel guide to be used by foreign tourists,” Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office Putu Astawa said here on Tuesday.

Furthermore, foreign tourists must conduct a five-day self-quarantine at one of the 35 hotels designated by the government once they arrive in Bali, he informed.

“During the quarantine, we urge the tourists to not leave their hotel rooms to avoid the transmission of the COVID-19 virus,” he said.

The guidebook will be handed to the tourist during the self-isolation period, Astawa informed.

It comprises rules on traveling in Bali, for instance, the arrival protocols at the I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and the health protocols, which must be implemented when traveling, he said.

“In addition, tourists are required to have health insurance, visas, and complete COVID-19 vaccination certificates. If they fulfill the conditions, they can enter Bali,” he reiterated.

The government is only allowing tourists from countries with Level 1 and 2 confirmed cases and a positivity rate of below 5 percent, he said. Tourists need to submit negative results of RT-PCR tests taken a maximum of 72 hours before departure and accommodation proof, he added.

In addition, the tourists will have to undergo two additional RT-PCR tests – once they arrive at the airport and on the fourth day of the quarantine, he said.

According to Astawa, an increase will be seen in the number of tourists in November or December.

“Currently, Balinese tourism actors are not the only ones who are making preparations, but also the travelers and the airlines,” he added. (ANT)

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  1. Benoit. says:

    Giving books to read in poor English with beautiful pictures of everything the confined tourists can’t see from their golden prison cell and making a business out of a pandemic by extorting money from them will not work.This literature is just part of a commercial quarantine package tourists just don’t want to go through. The result is just one immense loss of opportunity with tourists who will just wonder off else where and spend their money where they decide to.

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