Bali Tourism Train Development waits for Memorandum of Understanding

Bali Tourism Train Development waits for Memorandum of Understanding


Director of Traffic and Transportation Directorate of Railways, Hanggoro  Budi Wiryawan said the central government is still waiting for a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bali provincial government regarding the construction of tourism railway network around Bali.

“Until now, the center government is still waiting for the memorandum of understanding of the Bali Provincial Government to follow the construction of the railway sightseeing tour of Bali,” he said in Denpasar on Tuesday.

As long as there is no MoU, the central government cannot do anything. “We need  MoU to realize the construction quickly,” he said

He said that Bali needs tourist train. The reason is that Bali is an international tourist destination that is increasingly congested.

“Of course, the traffic jam is not expected by the tourism area like Bali,” he said.

But the fact showed, at some point in Bali, congestion can not be avoided even if it lasts only incidentally. Even predicted within five to 10 years away, Bali will be greatly changed.

The second reason, he said, the train can carry a lot of people all the way, cheap, safe, and energy efficient.

“Hence, the Bali tourism train need to be fought seriously.Since the long term transportation is needed,” he said.

The development issues need to be examined. There should be an MoU with the Government of Bali.

About who is going to build, it could be private as well government. It really depends on feasibility study conducted.

“If it is advantageous, we give it to the private sector. Yet when it is economically advantageous to some early years, then the government should take over, the government must act because it already involves lives of many people,” he said.

Advantages and disadvantages are the next concern. But he was optimistic that the train will be profitable. But, it would be an expensive investment in a very long time.

Budget was not up to Rp10 trillion. The most expensive is Rp5 to 7 trillion. The challenge is the land and the local knowledge of Bali.

“In this regard, we think the Governor of Bali is the one who really knows about this case. Consequently the center government is still waiting MoU from Bali,” he said.

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