Bali Traditional Clothing in Tokyo Olympics Opening

Bali Traditional Clothing in Tokyo Olympics Opening

An Indonesian-Japanese surfer Rio Waida, donning a Balinese traditional attire Payas Madya, brought the Indonesian national flag Merah Putih (red and white) during the opening of Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Friday evening, July 23.

Rio said he was proud as he could be the Indonesian flag bearer during the Tokyo Olympics Opening parade.

“I’ve never imagined this before, that I’d be performing at the Olympic. Tonight, I’m going to be a flag bearer. I’ll stand at the front row bearing the Merah Putih flag, representing the Indonesian contingent. I really can’t wait,” Rio said, as stated on Sports Ministry website.

Rio, who lived in Bali since he was 5 years old, wore the Payas Madya; a set of white shirt and black beskap outer at the top, and Balinese batik cloth with gold glitter as the bottom part, to represent the Indonesian culture during the opening of the Games.

He wore Japanese traditional sandals, Tatami, to respect Japan as the host country, also to represent the country as Rio’s second home. Payas Madya is one of the three of Balinese traditonal clothes, namely Payas Agung, Payas Madya, and Payas Alit.

Payas Madya is the type of clothing worn in daily life that is more flexible and casual. It can be worn for daily activities such as praying, attending party, or welcoming guests.


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