Bali’s Badung regency plans to build ‘recycle park’ in Canggu

Bali’s Badung regency plans to build ‘recycle park’ in Canggu

After a three-day fire that ravaged Bali’s biggest garbage dump, TPA Suwung, last month, Badung regency is now eyeing resort village Canggu as a location to build a landfill, which an official say will be named Badung Recycle Park (BRP).

“We won’t refer to it as a landfill, but Badung Recycle Park instead … We want to make waste management environmentally friendly,” I Putu Eka Merthawan, who heads Badung’s Environment and Sanitation Agency, told Nusa Bali yesterday.

Eka said plans for BRP include making it into an integrated area, where the waste management office for North Kuta will be located, along with a fire department post and a garden.  

The overload at TPA Suwung led to a fire that burned for three days in October, prompting officials to devise new plans to tackle the issue of waste buildup there. For the longest time, garbage trucks from different parts of Bali have used TPA Suwung as a dumping ground, without ever being processed.

As waste management are supposed to be handled by district governments, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster then forbade other districts to use TPA Suwung as their dumping ground, consequently instructing Badung to find a location to dump their own garbage by the end of this month.

According to Eka, BRP will be built on 2.8 hectares of land belonging to the provincial government and that IDR2.5 billion (US$177,250) will be allocated for the development. Construction is scheduled to begin next year.

Until then, garbage from Badung regency will be dumped on three hectares of land besides Mengwi Terminal. Though temporary, Eka said the site would still be equipped with waste management tools and is expected to receive around 300 tons of waste daily.

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