Bali’s Sanglah Hospital starts giving booster shots to health workers

Bali’s Sanglah Hospital starts giving booster shots to health workers

As many as 4,087 healthcare workers are expected to receive booster vaccine for COVID-19 at Sanglah Central Hospital in Denpasar, Bali, Dr. Ketut Ariawati, director for medical, nursing, and supporting services at the hospital, said.  

“A total of 4,087 health workers and assistants, including resident doctors, will receive their third (or booster) vaccine at Sanglah Hospital. They will receive Moderna vaccine shots, specialized for health workers,” she informed here on Tuesday.

Around 300 healthcare workers will receive the Moderna vaccine jab every day under the newly launched program, she said. The vaccine stocks allocated by the Denpasar Municipal Health Office to the hospital are sufficient for the immunization program, she added.

Dr. Ariawati said she expects all health workers and assistants at Sanglah Hospital to get booster shots under the program.

The Denpasar Municipal Health Office has allocated 770 vials of  Moderna vaccine for health workers in the city. The health office said it is currently targeting to give COVID-19 booster shots to 10,991 health workers in the city.

Besides providing a dedicated venue for administering booster vaccines to health workers, the hospital is also running two vaccination venues, one for recipients of the first COVID-19 dose and another for recipients of the second dose, she said.

“We will allocate extra health workers to ensure sufficient support for the vaccination drive aimed at the hospital’s health workers or other recipients,” she informed.

To prevent crowding, the hospital will reduce the daily quota for recipients at the first vaccination venue, while the quota for the second vaccination venue will remain unchanged, Dr. Ariawati said.

“We will retain the same daily quota for the second vaccination point because of the necessity to administer the Sinovac vaccine that has been scarce at other healthcare facilities,” she explained.

Dr. Ariawati said she hoped the vaccination drive for health workers at Sanglah Hospital would fulfill its goal of providing extra protection from COVID-19 to health workers, particularly those working on the frontlines. (ANT)

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