Be Careful Selling Nyepi Package

Be Careful Selling Nyepi Package


Bali Provincial Government reminded the travel agency (BPW) and tour operator to be more careful in the marketing package before Nyepi, Saka New Year 1935, which is on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

“The warning was conveyed in writing to all parties, including BPW,” said provincial government spokesman.

In essence, he said, in marketing package should be able to explain to tourists about the significance and meaning of Nyepi Day, so do not arouse the wrong interpretation of the essence of the holy day.

He said that all parties, including tourists, who spend their holiday in Bali must support and succeedthe Hindus asceticism conducting four main restrictions on Nyepi for 24 hours starting before sunrise until sunrise the next day.

The four main restrictions that include amati geni (not light the fire), amati karya (no working), amati lelungan (not traveling), and amati lelanguan (no indulgence in lust or not entertainment/ fun).

Cross-religion appeal in Bali also prohibits entertainment package on Nyepi for the entire hotels and tourists who stay on the island.

He explained that the tourists during Nyepi Day may only conduct activities within the hotel, without disturbing the surrounding community.

“Similarly, at night, the hotel light should not striking out so it does not interfere people carrying out the seclusion moment (tapa brata penyepian),” he hoped.

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