BVA Experience Difficulty in Addressing Illegal Villa

BVA Experience Difficulty in Addressing Illegal Villa


Bali Villa Association (BVA)  stated that until now they still experience difficulty to take action against villas in Bali that are suspected being operated illegally since they don’t have the authority.

“We often give information about it to the authorities. However, until now they don’t take action against the illegal villas,” said Jero Mangku Wayan Suteja as the Head of BVA.

The association doesn’t have any authority to take action against the villas having no valid operational permit because it is the government that have the authority.

“Even, some weeks ago we had met the Governor to discuss this matter. He will immediately take action if there is any accurate information about the illegal villas,” he said.

The information needed is relatively hard to get because a deep survey is needed.

BVA had proposed to carry out deep survey to get accurate result. However, the provincial government did not approve it.

“We propose a survey cooperate with Udayana University. However, only half of the budget approved, which is Rp200 miliions. Based on our prediction, the budget won’t sufficient so it was cancelled,” he said.

As known BVA predicted there are 30 percent of the total villas in Bali have ran illegally or don’t have any permit as a tourist accommodation.

Those villas run around Badung regency and Denpasar. From the total number, half of them are processing their permit.

The rest, he said, are lazy to process the official permit as a tourist accommodation provider.

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