Carcinogenic Dye Found in Ramadan Food

Carcinogenic Dye Found in Ramadan Food


Officials have found dangerous chemicals in several traditional foods on sale in the Bali capital this week.

Staff from the National Drug and Food Monitoring Agency (BPOM) been conducting tests on snacks on sale around Denpasar in the evening as part of the current Muslim fasting month, Ramadan. On Monday, tests revealed the cancer-causing dye Rhodamine B in several snacks from vendors.

I Gusti Ayu Adhy Aryapatni of BPOM said that food from stalls on Jl Sudirman and the Pemogan Market had been tested.

“The team found Rhodamine B, a pink dye banned internationally 50 years ago, in various snacks,” he said.

The die is still used in the manufacturing of plastic and other non-edible items and is commercially available to small-scale manufacturers and therefore easy for food vendors to obtain.

Aryapatni said that all contaminated snacks had been seized.

Checks were also made at shops and convenience stores to ensure that no expired food was on sale to customers.

“We urge consumers to be very careful when buying goods at local markets and supermarkets,” Aryapatni said.

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