Chinese Tourist Tragically Swept Away in Bali, Wife Survives

Chinese Tourist Tragically Swept Away in Bali, Wife Survives

Badung – A distressing incident unfolded on Batubelig Beach, Bali, as a foreign couple was swept away by the waves. While the wife, a Ukrainian national identified as KM (30), managed to survive, her Chinese husband, identified as XFJ (34), was tragically found dead during a search and rescue (SAR) operation conducted by a joint team from Basarnas Bali on Wednesday morning (8/11/2023). The lifeless body of the 34-year-old man was discovered floating on Petitenget Beach, Badung.

The couple, vacationing in Bali, fell victim to the waves on Batubelig Beach in Kerobokan Kelod Village, North Kuta District, on Tuesday afternoon (7/11/2023).

KM was successfully rescued by the local Balawista team and promptly referred to the nearest clinic for medical treatment. The husband, XFJ, was declared missing after being swept away by the waves.

The search operation, involving dozens of personnel using two jet skis and rubber boats, spanned from Kelan Beach in Kuta District to the incident location. The efforts led to the discovery of XFJ’s body approximately 100 meters from the shoreline in front of Petitenget Beach at 08:50 AM local time.

“Hari ini, pada pukul 08.50 Wita target atau korban kami temukan masih mengambang di tengah laut di depan Pantai Petitenget. Jarak kurang lebih 100 meter dari bibir pantai,” expressed I Wayan Suwena, Head of the Operations and Alert Section of the SAR Office in Denpasar, through a press release on Wednesday (8/11/2023).

The tragic incident unfolded as the Chinese tourist and his wife were swimming. KM, the survivor, was able to reach safety shortly after the incident and received medical attention at a nearby clinic.

The couple, along with a friend identified as OK, were staying in a villa in the Kerobokan Kelod area of Badung. The unfortunate incident occurred while they were swimming in red flag conditions. The powerful waves threw them off balance, causing them to be engulfed and dragged by the sea currents. KM managed to reach the shore, but XFJ, unable to overcome the forces of the water, met a heartbreaking fate.

The body of XFJ has been transported to the Prof Ngoerah Denpasar General Hospital. The details of this tragic event serve as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of the sea, even in seemingly serene coastal locations.

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