Conflict between Prisoners, Almost Clashed to a Prison Riot

Conflict between Prisoners, Almost Clashed to a Prison Riot


Three inmates from the penitentiary class II-A Denpasar in Kerobokan, had a big clash which made the atmosphere in the penitentiary very tense.

This incident happened because three inmates were fighting over a pillow. Prison authorities have been suspected of complexity of the overcrowded prison, that is why this issue will be discussed to prevent any penitentiary riot.

“Local authorities and the media were calling me by phone and asking me for the truth about rumors of prison riot,” said head penitentiary class II-A Denpasar IGN Wiratna.

He said there was no violence involved between the three inmates.“They were bickering over a pillow and they misunderstood each other, but now everything is under control.”

Wiratna admitted no inmates were injured, even though this misunderstanding lead to a fight.

“This conflict between the inmates is due to exceeding the capacity of the prison,” he said.

“They now have made peace with each other and they are acting friendly with each other,” he said.

The situation is back to normal and everybody is doing their daily activities.

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