Construction of GWK Statue will be Continued Soon

Construction of GWK Statue will be Continued Soon


The construction of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) statue in the area of Jimbaran, Badung Regency, Bali, that has been stopped for a long time soon will be continued and is expected to be finished in the next three years.

“13 parts module of the mega project soon will be sent from Bandung and is expected to arrive in Bali at the end of July and at the beginning of August its construction starts to continue,” said the founder of GWK mega project NyomanNuarta in his workshop.

He said in his workshop employing 100 workers since beginning of March worked on dozens of module, 13 of them has completed and ready to be sent to Bali.

Each module is three meters height and four meters length, sent via land transport using big trucks. The transporting is done earlier in purpose so his workshop in Bandung isn’t full, as he has to work on other things.

No wonder his workshop is full of modules (statue layers) for parts of the statue that will be sent to Bali starting this week, said Nuarta, a man born at Tegal Linggah, Tabanan on November 14, 1951.

He added that the statue frames weighing 3,000 tons will be sent gradually and its construction will be began next August and should be finished in 2015.

The development of GWK area is planned 240 hectares width, but now only 60 hectares has been made due to various problems faced, said Nuarta.

The GWK statue that is planned since twenty years ago has the total of 135 meters height, consisting of 75 meters of the statue and 60 meters of pedestal.

Therefore, the statue is higher than the Liberty statue in New York USA that is 93 meters height. The height of GWK from the sea level is 226 meters, said Nyoman Nuarta.

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