Contactless MLFF Toll Gates Ready for Trials in Bali December

Contactless MLFF Toll Gates Ready for Trials in Bali December

Jakarta – Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono confirmed that the trial of the contactless non-cash toll transaction system or Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) will start in Bali in the second week of December 2023.

The trial will be carried out for about two weeks before finally being evaluated at the end of December. “We will evaluate at the end of December. If it is good, successful, we will expand,” Basuki said.

He reminded that the transition from non-cash payments—by tapping e-toll cards—to MLFF has its own challenges, as does cash to non-cash payments.

“So, from tapping to MLFF there will be changes in the attitude and discipline of toll users also,” he said.

Once the trial on Bali’s toll roads is deemed successful, the trial will then continue on other toll roads in Java, especially in Jakarta, more specifically in urban neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, The PUPR Ministry’s Director General of Highways Hedy Rahadian said that during the trial and transition period the Ministry will still install bars or barriers at toll gates. This is done to avoid losses.

“For now we will keep the barriers. Once the registration data improves, we will remove them. This is to reduce losses. So we first measure what the losses will be like,” he said.

The implementation of an MLFF-based transaction system will make toll roads completely barrier-free, with no more bars installed at toll gates.


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