Corby Is Faking It, Jail Chief Tells the President

Corby Is Faking It, Jail Chief Tells the President

Blow: Corby's chances of freedom have been hit.


Kerobokan Jail governor Siswanto has given a harsh report on Schapelle Corby to national prison chiefs, saying she is feigning mental illness.

His report follows advice from a Supreme Court judge to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to grant a substantial cut in Corby’s 20-year sentence for drug smuggling.

Presidential officials have asked about her record and according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation today, Siswanto has provided a 17-page report to his own superiors.

It is understood that while it includes records showing she has been prescribed anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs, the report also accuses her of feigning mental illness each time there is a change of leadership at the prison.

Siswanto is reported to have listed 19 incidents of “disobedience” and “deviant” behaviour which he says has undermined the prison’s rehabilitation programme.

They include arriving unannounced at his office without permission after a visit from her sister, Mercedes, and throwing a prison officer’s name plate on the floor.

The report adds: “In the social scene in the women’s block in the prison, she showed individualism that is disliked by the other inmates, while another Australian, Renae Lawrence, who also has a narcotics case and received 20-year [sentence] in jail, is sociable and now heads the block.”

Further incidents are logged, including these two:

December 23, 2009 – after a friend’s visit [Corby] went hysterical and ran to Mapenaling block – she said she was going to the library, without permission.

December 30, 2009 – after a visit from someone, she returned to the women’s block, screaming, refusing to get into her cell.

Siswanto told the Agence France-Press news agency on Thursday: “She’s not mentally ill based on my observations of her on a day-to-day basis. She appears fine. She can look after herself, eat and even put on make-up.

“As an ordinary person, I see that she has no symptoms of insanity. If she’s said to be depressed and stressed, that’s reasonable as all prisoners face the same conditions,” he said.

Corby’s lawyer says she is mentally ill and must be released. The Australian government has backed special pleading by Corby, saying it believes she be repatriated to Australia.

The claims that Corby is mentally ill were a key reason the Supreme Court judge advised the president to make a substantial cut to Corby’s 20-year sentence.

Negotiations for a prisoner exchange treaty between Australia and Indonesia have now dragged on for years without substantive progress.

Siswanto’s advice in relation to Corby, who was jailed in 2005 on conviction for having smuggled 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Bali when she arrived for a holiday from Brisbane in 2004, contrasts with that provided over the three Bali Nine convicts facing death sentences.

Both the prison chief and former long-serving Supreme Court judge Yayha Harahap, in evidence to an appeal bench last week, pleaded for the lives of Andrew Chan, 26, and Myuran Sukumaran, 29, arguing that they have rehabilitated themselves and should not be executed.


  1. Jens says:

    the report sounds like she is mental. Mental people would act irrational. I very much doubt that the prison boss has any psychiatric degree’s so he should not be commenting.
    I also like how the bali times have up the amount of Marijuana to 4.7kg… wasn’t it 4kg?

  2. Megan Carmody says:

    Look, the Corby case has run like this because the Corby family didn’t know when to shut their mouths at the beginning of the case. When in Indonesia, if you have drug charges, you don’t (guilty or not) start abusing everyone around you, yelling and screaming, and getting yourself a bad reputation. The Indonesians don’t like being told what to do or threatened so even when you’re innocent you have to show constant high respect and manners in order to even begin to be heard.

    They know the real story – but they are being stubborn towrds her case due to this reason. They also fear what she will say about her experience once she gets out. It’s better for the Indonesians that she is never released, and hence they are saying she is faking mental illness when they know she’s gone mad as a hatter. It’s all politics – she should’ve show more respect and kept her mouth zipped… but she didn’t…

  3. Jim says:

    Story lifted entirely from a completely misleading and inaccurate Australian media report. Poor form.

  4. Catlin says:

    @Megan.. I don’t believe Schapelle said much at all during this whole saga and her family have been portrayed unfairly in the media. her family did nothing wrong by getting upset when their loved one was sentenced to 20 years for a crime they believe she didn’t commit. (people like u would be putting them down if they quietly cried in the corner). you must remember they have been dealing with this for 6 years and the media play over and over any small footage of them showing anger or frustration. You don’t know what they have had to deal with behind the scenes but knowing how things work here they would of been through hell!
    She did not receive a fair trial and how her family dealt with things should not matter if her case was dealt with fairly.

  5. john says:

    IF Corby is guilty as charged, she ought to confess and beg for mercy for committing such an unbelievably stupid act!

    I think the Australian government (and perhaps all countries’ governments) must immediately start a travelling road show play complete with mock jail cell with person inside and go round to every school in the country and say “See, if you deal with drugs in foreign countries, then this will be you inside this cell…” Perhaps then, after years of repitition and up-close “reality-based” learning strategies, a change in peoples’ behaviour will result.

    I honestly believe people should be given IQ tests before issued passports.

  6. Kay Danes says:

    Just wondering if the ABC has actually seen the 17 page report or if this is just another ‘he said/she said’….. so many people have so much to say but seldom do they verify things with fact.

  7. Kelly says:

    So is the prison boss a pychiatrict doctor now? I very much doubt it so he should not be making public comments about her. I think it is very sad that people are always out to ruin any chance she may have of getting her life back. Mental illness awareness in this country is tragic and this prison bosses comments just verify the ignorence.

  8. Kelly says:

    Kay Danes, I agree with you that ABC may not of even seen the report. Why would the president ask the prison boss to make a report of her mental illness. Wouldn’t he ask a qualified doctor to do that.

  9. joyce says:

    Why wont they let this girl go home.
    The police work is the worst and they should be ashamed of themselves.
    She has been there long enough, her life is ruined and still there is no real proof of any wrong doing I would never ever visit Bali based on what has happened to Miss Corby and what continues to happen.This is a very clearly case of abuse of power on the part of all involved.
    It’s a good thing to admit when your wrong, destroying evidence is very wrong.In my country no evidence means no case. Thank God I live here.
    Hoping to see you free soon Schapelle.

  10. Megan Carmody says:

    @ Caitlan
    Caitlan, I agree, however, you can be RIGHT, or you can be FREE. I for one have strongly lobbied for her freedom and strongly believe in her innocence, and totally understand why her family were so vocal throughout her court case. BUT, the courts in Indonesia don’t care if you’re innocent and will quite happily (as we have seen here), lock you away for life to make a statement. The ONLY way she had ANY hope of being released was if she acted sorry, regretful and RESPECTFUL.

    Yes, I get that she didn’t do it – but they don’t care. So you got to change your tact if you want to be FREE. See, you can get on your soapbox with the Indo courts but they will just dig their heels in deeper. Diplomacy and tact are EXTREMELY vital.

    Just look at model Michelle Eslie and you will get the type of vibe I mean. She did the “yes sir, no sir three bags full sir”….. and bang, she was FREE! Schapelle’s family did not use this smarter tact and instead upset the apple cart in such a stubborn country with their loud aggression towards their media and courts. (which, yes, we do understand, but it DID NOT help at all – it greatly hindered Schappelle’s freedom).

    Yes her trial was unfair. Indonesia KNOWS this okay. That is NOT what this is about. When you get that, you will get what I mean. Yep, Schapelle is one of the most unlucky people in this world and my heart goes out to her everyday. She is innocent afterall. Australia and Indonesia both know this.