Court Hears Harrowing Tale of Naked Niece’s Last Moments

Court Hears Harrowing Tale of Naked Niece’s Last Moments


“Naked Niece” stabbing victim Dewa Ayu Agung Diah Cahyani, 18, was brutally slain in the her Denpasar boarding house bedroom last September because she fought with her killer who had entered the room to steal property, Denpasar District Court has heard.

Cahyani, daughter of a senior Bangli bureaucrat, was found dead on her bed with nine stab wounds and a knife thrust through her neck, and wearing only panties, when her uncle called in on September 7 at the request of her father who had been unable to raise her on her mobile phone all day.

Her father, Dewa Gede Suparta, and other relatives and friends were in the packed courtroom for the hearing. They wept when prosecutor Neotroni Lumisensi read out the formal charges against the accused, Wayan Budi Panjul, 34.

Panjul did not have legal representation. The court appointed a lawyer for him, Haposan Sihombing.

Lumisensi told the panel of judges, chaired by Judge Istiningsih Rahayu, the killing had been committed by Panjul at Jl Ida Bagus Oka, Gg Rencong No. 10, Room No. 8, Panjer, South Denpasar, on Tuesday, September 7.

The prosecution case is that Panjul hid in the ceiling recess above Cahyani’s bathroom intending to steal property when the room was vacant but fell from there when Cahyani left her bedroom to use the toilet.

Cahyani had shouted “Who is it?” Panjul did not answer but took a stainless steel knife from a shelf and grabbed Cahyani.

Because she continued to shout for help and Panjul was afraid she would alert other residents of the boarding house he then tried to force her mouth shut with his hands.

But Cahyani continued to struggle to fight him off and bit him on a middle finger. Panjul became enraged and stabbed her nine times with the knife.

Cahyani was later found under a blanket, face down on the bloodstained bed.

The prosecution case is that after he killed Cahyani, Panjul stole a laptop computer, mobile phone, a wallet containing Rp75,000 (US$8.50), a jacket from a hook behind the door to the room, bike helmets and Cahyani’s motorbike.

He is charged under article 339 of the Criminal Code relating to theft accompanied by other crimes, article 338 of the Criminal Code relating to unlawful killing, and other offences. If convicted he faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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