Denpasar Court Executing Court Decision Against Unrelated Party – KPK to Involve

Denpasar Court Executing Court Decision Against Unrelated Party – KPK to Involve

KPK - Corruption Eradication Commission

The law court of Denpasar Bali has sent an execution letter to Pt Dreamland Bali who is an unrelated 3rd party in the insider mafia case created  by I Wayan Tana and his brother-in-law I Ketut ‘Tomy’ Sudikerta and Anak Ngurah Agung now widely referred to the “Bali Land Mafia”.
Both  “Tomy” Sudikerta and Anak Ngurah Agung are currently incarcerated in Kerobokan Bali Prison, for Fraud, Embezzlement and Money Laundering. The recent execution letter sent to Pt Dreamland Bali, list former investor Hanno Soth and an unknown entity Management Villa C151 Pecatu. No where is  Pt Dreamland Bali mention, although the letter was dropped at the offices of Pt. Dreamland Bali.
There has been a rush by the courts to execute against the assets of Pt Dreamland Bali, since Sudikerta’s syndicate received IDR 80 Billion ($ 5.6 Million) from Chinese Investors, who made an agreement with the syndicate to purchase the  C151 Dreamland Bali buildings base on a  promise that Sudikerta’s syndicate could own and operate the  buildings of  Pt.  Dreamland Bali.  The secret agreement and transaction took place  without the knowledge of Pt Dreamland Bali.

KPK – Corruption Eradication Commission

 According to attorney PT Dreamland Bali, Mun Arif, t Pt Dreamland received who stated that on August 29, 2019 the court would execute the building owned by Pt Dreamland Bali.  The problem is that the execution does not mention Pt.  Dreamland Bali, because the company was not involved in the litigation which resulted in the execution.
 “This is crazy,” said Jansen Purba, another Pt Dreamland Bali lawyer, who oversees the resistance case to stop the unlawful execution.  PT Dreamland Bali has never been a party to the lawsuit, or was mentioned in the execution letter.  It’s impossible for the court to execute, “Jansen Purba said.
“It’s like I’m suing my neighbor A and then asking the court to execute the assets of another neighbor B,” Jansen said.  On August 29 the court wanted to execute asset B, while the order of execution aimed at neighboring A”  Purba said.
 It is known that this case was designed by former Director of PT Dreamland Bali , I Wayan Tana and his brother-in-law Ketut Sudikerta and the land owner Anak Ngurah Agung.  Both Sudikerta and Anak Agung are in prison on a similar cases yet police in Bali have been slow to respond. Investigators have told The Bali Times, there are a number of other cases following behind this case involving the same individuals.
Despite all EXTRAORDINARY and DANGEROUS circumstances, the court sitll hurriedly issued an execution order again assets of the unrelated party Pt Dreamland Bali with the original law case  never  including Pt. Dreamland. The case was judged inkract since I Wayan Tana, who was representing the Investor Hanno Soth, did not appeal the case. Tana did not disclose that he had funded and later would be the beneficiary of the case if Hanno Soth lost. Tana recieved Billions from the Sale of Pt Dreamland Bali to Pt Manor.
The facts in this case call for justice and swift punishment of Tana, Sudikerta and Agung, which lawyers say colluded to deceive the court with a fictitious suit.  But instead of the court moving to dismiss fraud cases, it seems that the court has even become, entangled with land mafia,  issuing an execution letter against 3rd party Pt Dreamland Bali
 “What is the urgency of the court to try to execute the assets of PT Dreamland Bali”?  asked Munarif.  Indonesian law requires all parties to be heard before an execution can be carried out.  But in this case the court chose to ignore the legal steps taken by PT Dreamland Bali.  “This is outrageous what is happening here,” said a spokesman for PT Dreamland Bali.
 Sudikerta Plot “Shows the world how corrupt the Indonesian justice system is.  Just follow the money.  “Who will pay 80 Billion Rupiah for other people’s assets in cash upfront unless it has been” arranged “Purba said.
“Hedar Giacomo Boy Syam and his Chinese Investor at PT.  Manor Tirta Puncak (GE QI, Gong Wei, Wuin Feng Pei, Yi Zhi,) must know something about the pending decision of the Supreme Court “.  said Jansen.  Hedar also recently told police investigators that he had purchased the Pt Dreamland Bali building and wanted to operate it as soon as possible.  This is very strange because the building and all operational permits belong to PT Dreamland Bali.  The land certificate should also still be under the control of a notary.  According to investigators, the Notary who handled the transaction was paid very high, Rp. 25 Billion (almost US $ 2 Million).  Because this case involves the investment of foreign investment companies and famous people such as former Deputy Governor of Bali Tomy Sudikerta, it will greatly affect investment in Bali.  “Problematic, based on information from investigators there are many more cases to come”, said MunArief.
 PT Dreamland Bali, when asked for confirmation, stated that the company is currently seeking justice for all legal institutions of the  government in Indonesia, including sending a letter requesting legal protection to President Joko Widodo and to the KPK (Anti Corruption Commission).
The Bali Times has contacted the KPK directly for comment and has been told that the KPK is aware of the case but cannot give any comment about an ongoing investigation.

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