Denpasar to be Overpopulated by 2020

Denpasar to be Overpopulated by 2020


Epidemiologist from Udayana University’s Medical Faculty Nyoman Wirawann predicts Denpasar city is going to be over populated with total residents of 1.2 million people by the year 2020.

“Such big amount of population is like a time bomb for Bali’s capital city. It may trigger problem in city’s spacing, number of criminality to land conversion,” he said here.

Based on cencus conducted by Bali province’s Statistic Agency there were 788,589 people resided in Denpasar while total existing space was 127,988 per square kilometer. The cencus mentioned in average Denpasar city has density of 6,171 people per square kilometer. In fact one of subdistrict in Denpasar namely Denpasar Barat has a density of 9,536 people per square kilometer.

“Initially I thought the population boom was caused by high number of migration. But apparently that’s not the case. The number of birth among local people is increasing during the past years due to the decrease of contraception use by local people,” he said.

Nyoman explained he was conducting a survey which said that the Balinese people has intention to have two children which in line with the government’s birth control program. However in optimal service provided by National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) causes more birth in one family.

In order to tackle the over population issue, he suggested local government to react quickly by spreading out economic growth to other areas in Bali province.

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